1510586269400Traveling has always fascinated me ever since my childhood .  The craving to travel is the direct consequence of my love for reading. Ever since I remember I have been reading reading and reading. Books have provided wings to my thoughts, dreams and fantasies.

Iwould experience the wonders of foreign lands across the oceans , the cultural experiences, the finer nuances of dinning, the customs and traditions of different lands, the gender equations and many more. It provided the perfect fodder for a young fertile mind to escape from the dull routine academics which I wasn’t good at anyways.

As the years sped by, my craving for traveling was fulfilled by my dad’s job in which we were provided paid trips once every four years.

Over the course of years I have traveled far and wide and found myself in the most unlikeliest of places. Every journey to a new place has been a revelation . I seem to fall in love with the new geography, with the people , their dress, their language everything seem fascinating  and leave me spell bound.

Itis always with a heavy heart I bid goodbye hoping to visit the place again with loved ones.

I honestly believe a part of my personality has been truly molded by all the travels, the people I have met, the experiences I have had and the exposure to different cultures.

It has made me stronger in accepting life’s challenges physically as well as mentally.

I recall an incident from my childhood,  when my dad arranged newspapers in a neat corner of a platform for me to sleep on, when the train was delayed by twelve hours. I was more than happy to roll on the newspaper as my bed for the night.

Having travelled all around the country and abroad, I have had the opportunity to taste different cuisines not only at various railway stations but different hotels , motels and dhabas as well without a complaint. This  has made me adaptable to difficult conditions and situations.

Sometimes sitting for long hours in congested positions during journeys ,has made me appreciate small tokens of gifts from life in the form of luxuries which I have learnt to never take for granted.

Life Skills which can never be learnt within the four walls of a classroom are taught for life in the wide beautiful world .

The most valuable lesson of all sharing and caring for fellow travelers makes the most selfish person a true human being.

Taking Bacon’s quote forward….Reading makes a man, traveling equips a man for life.


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