July the first 2016

As I checked my newsfeed on facebook today, a memory cropped up displaying a poem written a year ago. The post was dedicated to all my students, friends and most of all to my husband and daughter for being DOCTORS.

Happy  Doctor’s Day.

As I continue ruminating about my life in general, I was drawn to the fact about how  life has treated me being a doctor’s wife. Honestly it’s been good, I mean more than good, in fact it has been a terrific journey.

I have always been in awe of doctors. For me they are a kind of magicians , a class superior to normal human beings. They have the ability and skills which are way beyond normal humans. They are certainly ” the special few”.

First and foremost as “the” wife of a doctor, I had acquired new possibilities in life. Whether to continue life as a career woman or bask in the luxury of my doctor husband’s income .The first casualty of my status as a doctor’s wife has been my awesome teaching job which I had to give up to move to a new place and a new life with my husband and daughter.

I opted to continue in my profession irrespective of pitiable remuneration , unsatisfying teaching conditions just to keep my professional aspirations alive. Every profession has a professional circle , same was the case in the small town which we had chosen to be our home. We became a part of a social circle which was elite, for me it was a new world, a world of glamour, glitz , parties . New friendships were born , new bonds forged and we settled down having built our own house. The picture has been complete.

The innate craving to have an individuality of my own was always alive. I grew in my profession very slowly one step at a time up the ladder and carved a separate niche for myself in my town in the academic circle. As of now am recognized equally by my professional growth as well as my Doctor husband’s wife.

It gives me great sense of satisfaction and achievement at having grown out of my super supportive husband’s shadow , and kept fulfilling mine and my parents’ dreams. It gives me immense pleasure to see the pride glow on my little girls’ faces as well as their dad’s.








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