The bend in the road…

Every now and then there comes a bend in the road of life which leads us towards a new direction, awaiting such a beautiful bend in the road very soon.

Some events are life changing like marriages, jobs, falling in love, accidents, deaths but the commonest of all seem to be the entrance exams . The necessary evils in our education system. And if the entrance exam is at plus two level then it acquires gigantic proportions . Almost do or die situations for the hapless students.

Similiar is the situation prevailing at home with my younger one getting ready for the epic battle next saturday, the 7 th of June 2016. The countdown has begun , as the day draws to a close I cant help but wonder how might the mood be next saturday at this time.

Hopefully joyous.

Tonight is the holiest night in the month of Ramzan.

The night the most important verses of the holy Koran were revealed to Prophet Mohammad. Muslims offer special prayers throughout the night. It is believed that all prayers offered on this night are fulfilled.

May God bless my child with glorious success.

May her life take a new purposeful and chosen direction.






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