My Dress,my choice

 ” Never judge a person by the dress”.

I have always believed that just as right to education and freedom of speech are fundamental rights, so is the right to dress.

Why the heck is it anybody’s business what I wear , I just don’t get it!!!

Especially here in India , it is every man’s damn business to monitor a woman’s clothing.

At home we have a father,brother, husband and yeah granmas too who are always ready for the ” Comments” session .

For me “dressing” has always been a bone of contention ever since childhood. I have always had an opinion in the choice of colours, the styling of a dress  and the comfort issues. It was my dad who has been my earliest stylist , he would be the one to bring the fabric and with my active participation go to great lengths to stitch a dress of my design.

Even though I belonged to a progressive family with modern thinking, yet I had to conform to full length dressing…bell bottoms, maxis, shararas etc styles of the eighties and nineties, which fulfilled the decency code of the society during my teen years but never the knee length frocks or the sleeveless summer dresses.

During those years it was a great torture to visit my native place during the summer vacations. Me and my sister with our city outfits would be a constant source of attraction in our grandmas village. As a teenager I would feel distinctly awkward and being a painful introvert tuck myself into some cozy corner with a bunch of comics in the huge palatial house.

Anyway from a teenager to a young woman, I had to bow to the demands of the family and drape the traditional half saree or a saree in  which the midriff is exposed. I was distinctly uncomfortable with it and it led to epic battles between me and mom . All this during the most turbulent period of my life…”where a boy comes to see the girl stuff”. I hated the whole experience and in my mind the saree got connected to it , so I hated wearing the saree too.

Ironically for me , I was destined to be a teacher and saree was the compulsory code of dress. As a result , I ended up wearing sarees for my professional requirements and I became adept at it. As of today I have no issues.

The scenario has changed drastically in the present times, the dressing sense has acquired mind boggling proportions. The fashion industry is booming , the present generation kids are chic and smart…I just can’t stop admiring young beautiful girls. Girls now a days seem to carry themselves with a lot of gracefulness and flair in addition to their “who cares a damn”attitude.

Yet underlying all this , runs the same old thread of a man’s mentality. Women buy clothes as per their husband’s choice or father’s choice or a brother’s choice but never their own choice. They have no choice I guess….that’s a sad state of affairs. Their voice and choice  lie buried under the huge pile of clothes in the fitting rooms.

What pisses me off the most is how the men admire beautifully turned out women but at the same time do not want their own women to follow suit….What hypocrisy!!!

Guys give us a break…

Just because we have the freedom of speech doesn’t mean we go and abuse all and sundry on the streets , so it is with dressing, leave it to the girls to know their limits.

  It is not always to impress a man that a woman dresses up…

It is to make her feel good , to carry on with routine work with aplomb and cheerfulness.

Yes dressing makes a lot of difference to the quality of the day lying ahead of you.

When you feel low wear your favourite dress and see how your mood cheers up!!!!

So next time…

Put your chin up and say…

My dress, my choice…


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