Why we should attend funerals….

Yes that’s a most unpleasant and depressing situation anyone can ever be.
Personally for me it has always been a liberating experience.

Let me tell you why , I somehow feel obliged to the departed soul to be there to bid adieu for the very last time and having done that it gives me immense satisfaction at bringing the relationship to a logical physical end.

The experience makes us humbler and the futility of pursuing materialistic goals sinks in!

The experience contributes towards fine tuning our own life , by letting go of petty issues. and also the realization of the temporariness of our stay in this world.
It makes us realize how lucky we are to be alive and how much we must value our time here on this wonderful earth.
It brings home the importance of our relationships which must be savored at any cost.
We  do take life for granted but experiences such as these act as life changers.

That is why never miss a funeral , it is not for the departed soul/person who in any case is unaware of our attendance,but we owe it ourself and what it can do to our life…
Whenever I have had such experiences , believe me instead of feeling negative I have always felt  good…as I got an opportunity to reflect a lot about the priorities in my life….

Grief does not diminish you…it strives to reveal you….


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