Moms Vs Moms in law

God said,” I couldn’t be everywhere so I created MOTHERS….

The Devil said,”I couldn’t be everywhere so I created MOTHERS-IN-LAW….

The above which appears to be in a lighter vein is in fact very thought provoking…

A woman plays a number of roles in her life ,the first being that of a daughter ,then a wife ,then a mom ,then a mom in law ,.a grandmom…etc etc…

The most challenging being that of a mom and later on a mom in law…

And this is true if the mom happens to have a son…
According to Freud the Psychologist…it is a fact that the sons are attached more to their mothers and the daughters to their fathers….which he named as Oedipus and Electra complex respectively….

A woman by nature is possessive and brings up her kids more as her personal prized possessions…her love tilted more towards the sons… this is fine as long as the boy is single unmarried individual…

The situation changes as soon as another woman steps into the very personal and possessive zone of the mother…she feels threatened and insecure and tries to hold on to the son…

This is when trouble begins to brew in Paradise…the son is sandwiched between the intense possessive love of his mom and the new love of his life…the mom is reluctant to allow another woman to take her place in her son’s life..this is an important reason ….for marriages heading for the rocks in many cases…

Just today…a young beautiful teacher in one of the schools I visit told me…her husband had divorced her but she never had any problem with him… it was his mom who had messed up their relations…he told her that he could get a wife like her but not another mother….all this after 12 years of marriage and a pretty daughter of 10 …

It is sad that a woman who loves her son so much is the reason to make it hell for him… is totally beyond logical reasoning ….

….this can be attributed to the fact that a woman has been endowed with possessiveness mixed with an ample dose of jealousy..

….this in contrast with the very polygamous nature of man in which he has accommodation for n number of women in his life…

Yes of course the argument works both ways…from the mom’s side as well as the wife’s side…

I have seen moms-in -law who have let go of their sons at a very young age have gained the most..
….they have very chilled out and cool admirable relationships with the woman in their son’s life…

Lets hope through the changing times…the power equations also change.. ..

One of my friends returned from a six months stay at her son’s place , there was only a sad expression on her face which said….

“A son is a son only till he gets married….”



3 thoughts on “Moms Vs Moms in law

  1. It is not Mom vs Moms in law! It never is! It is daughter-in-law vs mother-in-law!! šŸ˜ƒ
    Also, the art of making friends needs to be taught to all who get married!
    One advice that should be followed – no matter what – no adult should be allowed to mediate or advise or come in between husband and wife; irrespective of how well intentioned they are!
    Last one – a son-in-law is pampered or in demand only until the mother-in-law is alive!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You nailed it Raju…oh yea why didnt the title occur to me actually yours is the right one…dunno from which perspective I was thinking haha…maybe me as a mom and my mom in law…haha
    And yes the last one is true in all cases, as it is the woman in the house who binds all the family members together…
    Feels awesome to have you here…thanks buddy


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