A small film with a big and long over due tribute to teachers.

Teachers,the founding blocks, the sculptors of human lives are the most neglected underpaid and overworked people since ages.

More so in the private sector where they are no better than bonded slaves.

Its Do or Quit situation.

The film dwells on the latest trend of “Education is Business”.

Superb Casting…Juhi chawla with her evergreen smile,Shabana Azmi as a Maths teacher is a pleasure to watch,Divya Dutt as the manipulative Principal ,Girish Karnad added a cherry to the film…

The film leaves the audience with gratitude towards their own teachers….

But where does it leave the teachers themeselves…
Films such as these must be promoted on a wider scale…
They must be shown tax free…

There were only 8 people to watch the movie…
This itself speaks volumes about the reach of such films…

Unless Education is freed from Political,Religious and Financial octopuses…the future appears ????

© haseena dudekula

Haseenaaz Musings. WordPress. Com



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