On Being Strong ,

Being complimented,
As a strong woman,
May appear flattering,
Believe me ,
It is not.

Being strong ,
Is a burden, a trap, a cage.
It comes with its share,
Of responsibilities,
Of great expectations.

Being strong ,
Makes one do things,
Beyond one’s capabilities,
Against one’s wishes,
Just to keep to the image.

Being strong ,
Disqualifies you ,
From expressions,
Of Emotions.

Being strong ,
Is the result of years,
Of toil and tears,
Of endless sacrifices,
To replace tears with smiles,
On the faces we love.

Being strong,
Means selfessness ,
Before selfishness,
Never able to take ,
A step back.

Being strong,
Means commitment,
Even in the face of,
Great hardships.

Oh why,
Do you trap me ?
Just let me be me,
A human just like everyone else.

With a heart that,
Craves to be loved not awed,
To be hugged,
To be called lovingly…
As a darling, honey or a sweetheart.

Once in a while,just once in a while….
Address me with love,
Shower me with hugs ,
Pamper me with kisses,
Only once in a while,
Replace taking by Giving…

Then I think,
I can carry the burden ,
Of a crown ,
On my head.

© 2016 Haseena Dudekula


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