Prayers are a great tool for goal setting and achieving goals.

Prayer is closely interwined with religion. There does not exist any religion which does not advocate prayers.

Prayers have  been the ultimate prescription  to tide over a crisis.

 From a very young age , the habit of offering prayers is inculcated into the psyche of an individual. To pray or not to pray then depends on an individual’s conditioning.

Personally I have always felt that prayers  play a great psychological role in our life. It is in human nature to turn to God for help in times of extreme crisis .

Every time we pray we inevitably ask for something from God, and there lies the secret. Each time it may be a different thing which may figure at the top of the list, depending on the priorities at that point of time in our life.

 When we keep praying ardently, involuntarily we set down goals which we want to fulfill urgently.

The resolve to attain the most impossible of the goals begins to take realistic form.

The habit of Prayers on a daily basis act as reminders which boost us when ever we get distracted or slow down or demotivated to buck up  and keep going. It is not any external supreme power which comes to our rescue to grant our wishes.The supreme power resides within our self  and prayer is an act of fueling that desire and keeping the fire alive.

Inspite of repeated hardships and obstacles in our path, prayers reignite the dying embers of hope and rekindle them back into fires.

In addition to the prayers, an individual gets mentally equipped to take on the tasks,head on with grit and determination.

Prayers help to set up short term goals which is the very first step towards working at achieving them.

Prayers provide the mental strength to pursue even the most impossible ones. It is a reinforcement of  the belief the “ I- can- do- it- thing” in achieving the goal one has set.  The faith in oneself   is the” THE “most important thing in life.

Praying definitely is the best policy.

……Finally God helps those who help themselves…



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