A dream fulfilled…..

A dream nurtured since childhood,,,
A dream that seemed a fantasy…
A dream that the heart craved for…
A dream for which a lifetime is spent…

Yes that was the dream of my Mom…
The dream to make a once in a lifetime visit to the Land of the Mecca.

At a certain stage in life that dream seemed to be impossible.
She developed age related medical issues and she lost all hope of ever realizing her dream.During one such heart to heart talk with her I sensed the deep anguish and distress she was trying hard to conceal over the phone.It tore me apart to see the strongest woman in my life broken in spirit and resigned to her fate .It was at that moment that I decided to make her dream come true.

My mom had developed severe Arthritis due to which she was unable to walk and was gaining weight, All the issues were inter related, lack of interest in health, motivation to live a life, leading to irradical eating disorders.

The first challenge was to cut down weight. We went in for the best in the field – VLCC Bangalore. A systematic body analysis, diet chart , light exercises and a terrific counseling system put my mom back on track. She took up the challenge of reducing her weight from 97 kgs to 67 kgs .

Hope mobilizes a person to give one’s best shot to life’s hardest endeavors. Mom who did not know the very existence of a concept called dieting began the long arduous task, on the way she learnt a whole new vocabulary on an entirely new journey. Slowly and steadily she inched towards her goal for which it took 12 long months. She looked much leaner and was the centre of attraction and discussion and speculation where ever she went.

She still could not walk inspite of being 30 kgs lighter. A trip to the Ortho confirmed our worst fears. She was advised knee replacements for both knees. My mom has always had a phobia for doctors and surgeries .But this one my mom just couldn’t escape, it was her intense desire and her greatest belief in God and the hope of fulfilling a dream which made her brave enough to undergo a surgery 12 hours long, simultaneously on both her knees. This was the first of its kind in the small town of Madanapalli and a special team of doctors and equipment was flown in from Bangalore.

My mom a fighter had come out victorious. She took painful Physiotherapy and within a few months she was back on her feet, totally a different person. A cheerful, ever smiling, enthusiastic sunny personality had returned home and into our lives.

A year after that the trip was planned, Me, Dad and Mom were on our way to a two weeks spiritual journey of a lifetime.

For me it was a moment of great privilege and fulfillment to escort my parents , to take them on their first ever trip abroad, to handle all the nitty gritties, to be at their service every moment to be their emotional security and to actually experience their deep contentment .

To realize our own dream is definitely special.
Have you ever tried to realize others’ dream?
And if it happens to be our own parents’ dream,
Then our whole life is worth it.
Believe me it is an out of the world experience.



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