Prayer times at the Holy Al’ Kaaba in Mecca , Saudi Arabia.


Prayer time at the Holy Al’Kaaba is the ultimate spiritual experience.

The atmosphere is simply electrifying and you really get to see how “Belief in God moves the world.”

I simply loved the feeling of “oneness”,a  oneness transcending countries ,languages and economic statuses. As the prayer time approaches , people scurry to take their places in the congregation.

All the world activities come to a standstill,  the sellers in the shops , the  people at the hotels, the customers , people walking on the streets, women ,children, men , old , aged, each and every body find  a place to stand in prayer. It is astounding to see even footpaths , alleys and all the public places used for prayers.

It is simply amazing to watch neat rows of human chains being formed , shoulder to shoulder, ready for the prayers.I was simply wonderstruck by the same verses from the holy Koran being recited by such a varied number of accents from different corners of the globe ,sometimes it could be an Indonesian,a Tukish woman , a Burmese , an African , anybody could be rubbing shoulders with you at prayer times.

The interactions before and after the prayer times was something which I relished very much  during my pilgrimage ,conversations ,wherever possible or communication through sign language with foreigners always led to interesting revelations.With lot of smiling ,nodding of heads ,  holding hands , patting backs ,sharing snacks ,chocolates and by the end of a few minutess even clicking picturess to keep the memories.

At such times I felt how powerful the feeling of love ,compassion,brotherhood could be and what a wonderful place the whole universe could become.

Only if the universal religion would be LOVE for your fellow beings

Another outstanding thing I loved about the place is the atmosphere of serenity.Even though there are lakhs of pilgrims in the Holy Mosque at any given time , there is no jostling and pushing while walking around the kaaba and one can sit for hours and hours gazing having a one to one with God uninterrupted by time or any wordly indulgences.

There is no discrimination on any grounds,equality permeates the air.

I can only end this with ,Gandhiji’s quote :

God is love and Love is God….




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