Husbands…a breed apart

A role that carries unlimited power in a patriarchal society…its a power which is double edged…used as much as misused.

Boys in our society are pampered to such extremes by indulgent moms that they grow up to become insensitive,self centered brats…and take it for granted that their wives would continue to serve them….and treat them as bonded labourers….

There are also boys who grow up to become sensitive , matured and responsible individuals who take up the responsibility and the role of a husband as that of a guide, mentor and a friend.

It is this category of men who contribute to the growth of the spouse,encouraging,motivating,recognising the true potential,thriving in their success.

It is said that behind every successful man is a woman…and the vice versa is all the more true.

I was awestruck when one of my friends with three daughters and that too from a very conservative islamic family got a job in the US, she was wholeheartedly supported by her husband,she left alone, joined the job there arranged accomodation and after having made all the arrangements her family will be joining her soon.

Another husband actively supported his wife to continue her education from SSC, she went on to become a double PG.Both are Govt employees happily settled.

Recently another friend of mine got an opportunity to pursue PG in Gynaecology from Sevagram Medical College in Maharashtra,she left her two kids with their dad to pursue the degree.

Very recently a friend’s husband went all out to support her in a business venture of opening an online boutique, which has brought about a marvellous transformation in her life, and added value to their marital relationship.

The point is that … depends entirely on the person who dons the role of a husband……to be autocratic or democratic….that is a hero or a villain for his better half…. to rise to the heights of a good life with your teammate or sink into the valley of despair.

Sadly spouses never realise the value of each other until much later.

Anyway in the life of a woman,it is the husband who takes over the responsibility from the girl’s family after marriage till the end,a responsibility for a lifetime,a woman handled with love,sensitivity and care will blossom into a wonderful life partner…

The secret lies in team spirit, respect for one another and a sense of equality and of oneness….

My heartfelt thanks to God for gifting me such a husband…




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