#Teacher Diaries -1



On a visit to the Post Office today,
found the premises deserted.

With all kinds of doubts, I entered the building to discover all the seats in the counters were vacant.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, I guessed it was lunchtime.

A group of seniors coworkers , two women and a man were having a post lunch gossip session.

A few countable people including me, sat patiently for the hands of the clock to reach their destination.

Surprisingly, exactly at 2 pm sharp, a small thin man limped towards the parcel counter where I stood in anticipation.

He smiled at me Asalamalaikum maam

I smiled back and answered him automatically ValikumSalaam.

My brain trying miserably to place the smiling face , was it at Intermediate level, was it at Degree level….ah ha…yes Goutami Degree college it was.


Having recognised my ex student, I proceeded more confidently, so are you working here?

Yes ma’am, but on contract …

Oh ok

Sorry forgot your name…

Mehmood ma’am…I belong to Sainath’s Batch.

Oh yea I said smilingly.

Always a familiar sight, being late to class by 5 or 10 minutes, travelling by RTC bus from a distant village to the town and then limping all the way to the third floor.

Meanwhile he got busy…an old man with half written address approached him, very patiently he filled in the required information without getting irritated or being brusque.

His hands deftly weighing,pasting,eyes checking out the computer screen, collecting the required money politely, yes he definitely looked efficient.

After having completed my transaction,wished him well and bid him goodbye.

The time 2.20 pm
The other counters still empty.
The other seats awaiting their occupiers.
The gossip session in the corner continued….

Somehow my ex student arriving sharply on time and attending to his work efficiently warmed my heart and couldn’t stop smiling until I reached home.

Not that I am directly responsible for his efficiency, just the thought of being his teacher, the chance being one in a million of inculcating some kind of principles in my students was enough to make my day.


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