My Days at JNV Wardha

The year 1990,

The day 1st July,

The day my life changed.

I arrived with my father to join duty at JNV ,Borgoan Meghe, Wardha, travelling by bus and then a ride in a cycle rickshaw.

I was very nervous,and my dad looking at my face said, “Don’t look so dull “.

The first glimpse of the school, not so impressive.

The first meeting with the then Principal went off well .

I was given accommodation with the students in their dormitory itself , a bunker bed with the girls.

And was left to fend for myself .

The first person I befriended in the campus was Ranjana Ma’am, we went on to share a wonderful friendship for the next few years.

The students were Marathi speaking and I didn’t understand much, yet I managed to get on .

As the days turned into months,
Months to years, I started to enjoy every moment in the small campus.

My colleagues became my friends my students became my life and I really couldn’t imagine a life outside the campus.

I knew it would end like all great things, so I knew I was living on borrowed time, a limited one.

The responsibilities of my job were overwhelming..

The charge of young teenagers,
young myself,
the charge of Mess,
at a time when I didn’t even know how to make tea.
The charge of a HouseMistress,
Missing home myself,
Trying my best to be an adult,
In an Adult’s world with Adult responsibities.

My job taught me life skills ,

from ringing the school bell,

to getting the campus cleaned,

to drafting letters in the office ,

to planning assembly programmes,

to handling medical emergencies which were truly nerve racking,

to holding farewell parties for numerous colleagues,

to travelling with students as an escort long distances as far as Haryana,

to meeting VIPs like Madhavroa Scandia with the school band,

the trips with students to other campuses,

to attending various workshops ,

to supervising my House students

To holding inter house competitions,

To celebrating every festival in the calendar with all the traditions,
and many many more.

Every experience was enriching and truly transformatory.

A period during which strong bonds were formed for life,

A period during which I fell in love umpteen times with the brand called Navodaya and I remain bewitched even
to this day.

Am proud to see the awkward girls and boys of yesterday’s Navodaya transformed into magnetic personalities doing great service to the nation.

My salutes to my Karma Bhoomi, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya.

For this I remain eternally indebted.

Picture Credits: Pradnya Kosare
Rajeshwari S Raj


One thought on “My Days at JNV

  1. Hasee,
    As usual you are always at your best!
    Reasons to applaud not only for the write up but also for inspiring teeming millions in the near future who’s going to take the path to success following your footsteps by emulating you!

    Congratulations! 🎩 Hat’s off to YOU! 🙏🏼

    Chinni Zyaada! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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