Beyond our comfort zone,

Life happens once we step out of our comfort zones….no one can know this better than me…an expert in taking things easy…one who is not to be bothered by change , yet….

I always love things to happen on their own, like falling in love for starters without having to make any efforts, getting good marks without burning the midnight lamp, getting a dream job without any interview and so on….

I learnt the hard way though….
The fish has to swim in the water,it can’t just be lazy and stick to one place even a fish can drown…errrrr can it? I guess so….

Anyway coming back to myself…I was an introvert as a child, too shy to talk to anyone, loved to be left alone in a world of my own.

Nevertheless I found myself in the role of a teacher, in front of scores of eyes and ears all the time. I definitely had to push myself out of my safe shell into a world of active participation and take on the role of a leader and that was my first step out side my comfort zone, from my inner world to an outside world.

Sometimes the job one does is so comfortable that we forego the chance to grow professionally and financially, especially with women who are already burdened with multitasks.

In every job I did I was damn comfortable and never thought of moving out, yet I found myself stepping out and in retrospective am amazed at how even a small step was a step forward a step ahead in a ladder of learning in terms of growth intellectually, professionally in terms of exposure to different working environments,and of course the most important in the scheme of life being financially.

At one stage ,I was well settled in one job sitting in my chair in the staff room of my college, supervising everything going on at my home and it was perfect.I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting except of course there was always something nibbling inside my head. The thought of how long, the thought of what next….

That was when I stepped out of my comfort zone all over again and joined another job which was almost twleve kilometres away, Rs 1500/additional expenses for fuel, and an extra two hours added to my absence from home. Yet it was a new world, a new challenge, and very much worth it and yes I was happy most of all. At that stage I thought well this is a nice place to settle down now no peeping outside my comfort zone at all…Alas that was not to be…

For a decade and a half my world was my small town. The boundaries of the town were my physical limits for continuing my career and so it was.

Yet one fine day, I took a call to step out of this comfort zone as well and found myself in a job which took me to different places in my district. Interactions with scores of people , Principals , teachers , students, fellow travellers. It was an amazing challenge and I had a whale of a time.

And so for me life has happened….
Only when I stepped out of my comfort zones…
Waiting to step out yet again….
Into a new world….


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