Discrimination…is thy life


Long before I even knew the spelling,meaning,concept of the word “DISCRIMINATION”, it had become an essential part of my existence.

I have been born with discrimination as my birthright, being born a female in Indian society, that automatically set boundaries to my life ,despite the fact that my family is a fairly progressive one.

The next being the religion, I was born into ,that being a minority in a Multi religious ,multi cultural,multi lingual beautiful country like India. Believe me thats not a very secure feeling when things go wrong for no fault of ours, and a whole community comes into limelight and stereotyped.

In addition to this ,being born as a female the various other issues attached to being a female in a minority community ,is like a double whammy.

Class discrimination is something I experienced very early in lifethanks to my parents I have never fell short of anything…but that is something which is prominent in the defence sector(my Dad is an ex service man) ..where the employees are alloted residences as per their rank…it was there I saw the aura of the privileged class…

A very bitter experience of discrimination on regional grounds…believe me thats not a very pleasant experience either…when a name at the top of the list of selected candidates is removed due to regional politics…
And when that happens again and again …with each member of the family…its a fight for existence…

And yes an universal phenomena is discrimination of skin colour…its painful to hear the comments…comparisions made between siblings by people…and as a girl being rejected by suitors …

Only one who experiences discrimination can gauge the depth of hurt,pain and humiliation…

Discrimination is the worst form of injustice…
And a curse on our society…

The seed for this post was sown by my daughter last night….

When she mentioned that students are segregated into different sections based on their marks…and the top section of toppers are provided the best of everything…..

There goes another form of discrimination…



The consequences of Discrimination are far reaching and give birth to frustrating individuals who then resort to innumerable ways to vent their anger resulting in chaotic disorders and law breakers,and  terrorism is the worst by product .


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