Dreams with an expiry date….

At the cost of sounding pessimistic, I do wonder whether dreams have an expiry date.

I have heard,read and believed all the quotes on dreams by almost all the great thinkers.


Why does the thought that dreams do have an expiry date keep recurring in my thoughts.

When we are young, we feel we have all the time in the world to pursue whatever we want…and that is true .

I belong to a generation which meandered it’s way to its destination. We pursued degrees, subjects of our interest not exactly sure of the resultant consequences.

We wrote exams of whichever jobs came up, Railway Recruitments, Bank jobs, LIC and what not .

We landed jobs ..sometimes due to sheer luck and sometimes beating the competition with raw talent.

Fast Forward to the present scenario….

There is focus in both parents and children. Both have an idea of exactly what they want in life . The pursual begins from the beginning…good schooling,tutions,extra curricular activities, choice of professional streams and the whole works.
Finally the results are real good, in fact so good as to raise the standard of living of the whole family.

In this whole scenario…past or present what about the people who missed the bus….
Does it matter?
Does it affect their lives?
Do they finally reach their destinations?

It is not fair to generalise….
But Dreams do have an expiry date.

Dreams achieved at the right time, have an impact ….most of all economical which I believe is definitely a source of happiness. The other being personal satisfaction at having achieved inspite of every hurdle in the way sans any monetary benefits.

And there are dreams which when achieved is too late to qualify for either of the above two reasons.

There is neither any pride nor any emotion attached to a great achievement which at one time might have been the greatest goal of one’s life.

Sorry for the pessimistic tone….
but that is reality….
As our life is governed….
By destiny .

So Dream…but keep deadlines….
Set goals ….with deadlines….
Don’t spend the rest of your life pursuing a single dream….and end up in frustration.

Being wise is to know when to change tracks and get what you want as soon as possible.

Time is Valuable….
Don’t squander it away….

Keep dreaming….
It’s never late to set a new dream…


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