To express or not to express

To express or
Not to express,
Is the question….
A dilemma….

Express what ?
You might ask….
Expression of feelings,
emotions,opinions, observations …..

Why the question?
You might ask….

There is an adage which says….
“Think before you speak”.

I guess, that means we must perceive the consequences of our expression and then rethink whether to actually speak out or not.

If the consequences are like hurting a dear one in turn what then?
Should we just shut up and bottle up all our feelings inside us?
Should we….
Allow the negativity to develop,
Which slowly alter  our behaviour,

To the point of brusqueness
And poison a perfectly beautiful relationship ?

NO…we should not.

Expression is the best policy….
The short term effects may be ….

But believe me when I say despite the temporary lapse,
The long term advantages are greater.

There are great learnings….

The understandings grow which in turn strengthen the relationships.

Similar stressful experiences can be avoided.

This paves the path for strong relationships…

If the relationship cannot stand the effects of EXPRESSION then the individuals have failed and are not mature enough to take it in their stride.

The best examples are children who express whatever they feel without bothering about the consequences….
What does it prove?
That they are brutally honest….
That they carry no negativity ….
That they carry innocence with grace.

Isn’t that something to ponder about?

Then why make a big hue and cry when someone is being honest with you?
Isn’t it a sign of that person’s honesty?
Isn’t it a sign of courage that the individual had the guts to express inspite of all the risks involved?

On a lighter vein, I learnt this hard lesson from my hubby who at the onset of our marital life would be very honest with his comments on my cooking.
I would be crestfallen, disheartened being in a romantic bubble looking for compliments and more compliments.
Well that grounded me thoroughly in all other spheres too.

Most often parents must develop the skill of honest feedback to their kids and not mollycoddle them all the time.The kids too must be able to freely communicate with their parents and not be allowed to hide feelings which would mislead them to rebel in later years.

All said and done….

Expression of feelings….
Is the best policy…

Whatever they may be…
Positive or negative…

Face it…
Handle it…
Move on….
A better Human….


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