My favourite question…
……………… haseena

My favourite question in the question paper during the exams at school was …

Write the differences between dash and dash….

The simple fact being , it was easy to remember the points on one side of the column under one heading and write the exact opposite in the opposite column.

I would almost always end up getting some marks for my valiant efforts and that made me happy and that made the question my favourite one in the question paper.

Well well well…

I never ever thought that favourite question would actually become the theme of my married life.

Me and hubs.
Two different columns.
Two different worlds.

Listener Vs Chatterbox
Tollywood vs Bollywood,Hollywood
Home food Vs Eating out
Home Vs Social
Vernacular Vs English

The list is long….

Yet the two worlds met…
24 years ago…
Created a whole new world…

Of Understanding
Of Learning
Of Respect
Of Love
Of Support
Of Togetherness

And a world of HAPPINESS.

…….Post dedicated to my Team Mate
…….Happy 24 th Anniversary Partner


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