img-20170109-wa0184Campfire , Life stories and Inspiration
……………………… haseena

Class of 82…
A Reunion…
35 years apart…
Vague Memories…
Of names,faces,incidents.

Yet the spirit prevailed…
The spirit of bonding,
Of belonging to the same class,
Of belonging to the same school,
Of learnings from the same teachers.

The atmosphere was electrifying
each one trying to reconnect once again with once upon a time classmates.

Uncertainly at first, then with more confidence at having made a breakthrough.

It was not easy having been out of touch for more than three and half decades…Yet the spirit prevailed.

The campfire was lit,
everyone settled down
and it was time to share,
the joys and sorrows.
the trials and tribulations.

Each one of us had one for sure,
Of having grown, of having struggled,Of having faced failure, Of the pain of Rejection and finally coming to terms with life.

Yes it was an evening of revelations….

Stories of gentle beautiful loves blossoming into marriages going through the harsh realities of cultural conflicts , the Saas Bahu dynamics and finally stability.

A story of an accident tearing apart the narrator physically and emotionally in addition to the turbulence at various stages of her life was truly hair raising.

A girl who as a school girl was an out and out tomboy…Who dressed and lived life with freedom even participating in a beauty contest at college level in the 80s goes on to become the perfect hostess to a handsome hunk of a husband and settles down to domesticity.It was amazing to see her swing to music gracefully no less than a teenager that night.

A story of a daughter and a disciplinarian father who got married to her sweetheart against all odds and the most amazing thing being that the wedding was kept a secret for an year and a half before they faced the society.A story with a happy ending though.

Another single daughter and again a disciplinarian Convent educated mom who always pressurized her to perform her best, who revealed it was such a blessing to have got married to a liberal guy and is now having the time of her life.

A story of a proud army wife telling us about her brave army husband and her kids and gently revealing her current status of a widow brought a lump. Looking at her we felt really proud of her achievements in life.

Another mother having developed her own set up, leaving her kid at home , giving it all up at the peak of her career to be with her daughter is simply heart touching….

A gutsy girl…Going to Africa,mothering three daughters rising to occupy the top slot in TCS is simply a text book example.

A soft spoken globe totter having a large library , an organic farm, a heart of gold, is simply an out of the world person.

Have to mention a woman who proudly declared herself single and very happy with her life and career. A rare commodity in the society which has women in sterotyped roles.

The life stories continued….
Stories of Fortitude,
Stories of Resilience
Each one an inspiration in itself….
Each one bringing an awe for the narrator…
Each one bonding us closer than ever…
Yes Proud to belong to the Class of 82…

A Generation of Women…
Who compromised…
And are WINNERS in every way.


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