The historical town being Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra, India.


A  journey of a thousand miles starts but with a single step and a memorable trip begins with a single pic at home.


The five travellers whose common bond was “ME” …a buddy from every phase of my life…it was a honour and a privilege to have gone on a wonderful trip with fun loving buddies  . It was a time for bonding , discovering , exploring and coming closer…an unforgettable experience.


A group selfie while waiting for the flight to be announced…amidst mounting excitement and anticipation of the awaiting trip and memories


In the “Ferry Bus” which ferried us from the airport to the Trujet Bird parked a km away.



The beginning of a journey. At ShamshabadbInternational Airport, Hyderabad before boarding the flight.


With my childhood buddy Padma, both have a flight Phobia


Safe Landing at Aurangabad Airport. Just 1 hour 55 minutes flying time.All of them calling up their homes to inform about their safe landing except ME.


The first glimpse of a Marathi newspaper caught my attention and so couldnt stop myself from clicking itin the hotel foyer at Aurangabad.


Beautiful Hotel, luxury beds, wonderful washrooms, getting ready to go for the first lunch in the new city.


Selected a “Thali” Restaurant “Rajdhani” which served food in traditional style bu traditionally dressed servers .


A fully served plate…a sumptous meal…salads, starters, chutneys,curries,rotis and desserts all served in a single plate systematically one by one and refilled whenever and whatever is required. Tasting  different cuisines  in different places adds to the whole experience of adventure and thrill.


Pan Chakki: Our first visiting place in Aurangabd.The Chakki is an example of great scientific engineering of our ancient times. The Chakki is actually a huge grind stone which was used to grind grain to feed the huge number of visitors to the spiritual saint Baba Shah Musafir whose tomb is located in the same premises alongwith a Mosque and other structures.The water flows from the nearby spring by an underground pipe . The water arrangement is such that the height of the water fall generates the necessary power to drive the mill.The above pic is the cistern from where the water falls into a rectangular tank like structure.


These are the passages, whose roof forms the water tank above, this was a natural air cooling system which kept the chambers cool and sheltered the visitors and disciples of the saint during their stay.


The durgah (tomb) of Baba Shah Musafir, a sufi saint. Women are not allowed into the chamber of a Durgah .


The Ambience is calm and peaceful conducive for an evening of soulful conversations.


The wide rectangle tank forms the roof of the chambers below, an amazing and an ingenius architectural marvel.


The Grand  Old  Banyan Tree in the premises is a mute witness to history , providing shade and a lovely ambience to visitors even to this day. Truly Mother Nature takes care of Humanity, which people in ancient times truly appreciated.


A number of small shops are lined up selling beautiful local handicrafts which the visiting womenfolk just cant resist.


Marble Items on display in one of the shops


Beautiful bangles for sale…should have bought some, regret not having bought any….


The entrance to the compound of Pan Chakki


Having a little break, while others are shopping and snooping around!!!


Our next stop , Bibi Ka Maqbara….standing in queue to enter the monument


A pic from the outside



The First glimpse and the first click…just cant help it


The Archway of the main entrance forms a perfect frame for the beautiful Monument


It is astonishing to see how the original Taj has been recreated in its entirety , facts remain unknown…about the exact reasons to copy the original. Nevertheless the present monument was built by a son in memory of his mother


Bibi ka Maqbara ( Aurangabad,India)

Tomb of the lady….
Tomb of Rabia Durani…
The Wife of Aurangazeb….
Built by Azam Shah ,son of Aurangazeb.
In the year 1678 in the memory of his mother .

It is a replica of the Taj Mahal and is also called Dakkani Taj…Taj of the Deccan.

The mausoleum is built on a high square platform with four minarets at its corners.

The monument attracts thousands of visitors daily , yet the maintenance is pitiable.

Much can be done to preserve the historical treasures…


When one is in the presence of beauty , one is left overwhelmed by the sheer magnitutde of the efforts put in by the large number of people from the lowest to the highest all of them in perfect co ordination to create a structure which excels in beauty.



Having a moment of fun. This is the eastern side of the monument. It has been lanscaped by beautiful gardens on all its four sides covering a few acres of land.


Come on guys ,jump higher commands the  naughty photographer trying for the perfect click in the air.


A closeup view from the base of the monument.


An astonishingly beautiful angle of the monument against the backdrop of the setting sun giving the sky a life of its own with a hue of colours. An angular view, it gives me immense joy to see this pic and allows me a wee bit of self indulgence and self admiration.


A view of the main entrance from atop the Maqbara


In front of one of the Pillars….”Hey look whats there at the top “


Beautiful  craftmanship of skilled workers who might have slaved it out tirelessly for years.The delicate filigree work of the windows and the delicate floral designs on the walls are breath taking


Caught On Camera !!! Cat walking on a perfect Dias which could form the perfect backdrop for a fashion show.


Every inch covered with delicate floral carvings in perfect symmetry not a single line out of line.


Candid Clicks


The space between the pillars and the main monument, shady and cool


Repairs and maintenance in progress…thankfully!!!


The Mosque is present on the east and was constructed by the Nizams of Hyderabad. The interior consists of rows of pillars with interconnected cusped arches, The floor area is divided into rectangles to accommodate one person per rectangle  for offering prayers.


Inside the Mausoleum. The structure is hexagonal in shape.


The actual tomb of  the wife of Aurangazeb…


Taking a breather and enjoying the beauty and sereness of the place.


Enlightening session on the history of the place, dynamic speaker with attentive audience!!!


Every angle gives a different pic…


just cant resist clicks with trees, there on top is one who is an adept climber, striking poses for the lens!!!!


One of the best freshest corns ever had in my life…should have taken a whole corn instead of sharing!!!


A selfie with the corn woman!!!


Checking out the amazingly cheap hats on sale…

Beautiful and Romantic songs have been in and around the beautiful Bibi ka Maqbara.

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