Why is it important to resolve conflicts?

It is very easy to declare that one must confront issues and not escape or ignore them.

But is it really so important to confront?

Why should we disturb the peace in a household or any steady relationship ?

Can’t we allow time to intervene and just get on with life?

The answer to all the above is : Yes , we can.

What happens next?

Firstly everything is fine superficially and momentarily.
But there is a chance of recurrence of the same issue.

The conflict maybe with only one party while the other party is blissfully unaware.
In such a case nothing changes, until the other party is also made aware of the situation.

Until that happens the conflict and unhappiness of one party continues….the party can be an individual like a spouse, or an employee or an employer .

Many times conflicts arise due to incompatibility which is due to many factors predominantly, communication gap or plain domination of one party over the other and yes there are also cultural and psychological aspects.

Anyway coming to the question- Why?
It is very important to value our peace of mind to lead a contented life.
For that , we must never have anything in our mind or life to disturb us.

Many of us do not want to or lack the courage to face issues in life.
The consequences are depression , suicidal tendencies, lose motivation to live a meaningful and quality life.
The performance in Academics, at Work and even personal family interactions suffer.

There is a change in Body Language, overall attitude and a lot of anger directed to self due to helplessness to tackle the issue which is creating turbulance in the mind.

Conflicts are like cancerous tumors,
They must be identified at the beginning,
And put an end to it immediately.
Otherwise they grow beyond control,
And eat up our lives.

Bottled up emotions are neither good for the Physical, Psychological nor Social well being.

Better Resolve it …
Face the consequences…
Experience the relief…
Get on with the business…
Of Living.


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