What’s in a name?

As Shakespeare said…

“A rose by any other name would smell the same”.

Well you would be surprised to know otherwise.

There is a lot behind a name.
The name is the child’s first gift from the parents and great care must be taken in selecting the most appropriate one.

An individual carries the name from birth uptill death.
It can eithee be a source of great pleasure, pride or it can also be a source of great embarrassment to the individual in which case it becomes a great psychological burden.

There is a lot of psychology involved behind the name.
The name is one of the most powerful and invisible influences moulding an individual’s personality.

When the baby is born it does not show any characteristics of its future personality,
But as the child grows…. Heredity,Environment play crucial roles in forming the personality of the child.

If the name is a common one then the child does not have a personal identity…its like always sharing a favourite chocolate with others which gives rise to resentment.

If the child has a name which is difficult to pronounce or spell then it becomes a cause of great distress ,

Suppose if the child has been named and then the same one is identified to a very unpopular character then it becomes a source of great humiliation for the child…(a boy in my daughter’s class was Osama Bin Laden)

The opposite is also true….like a boy named Shahrukh khan showed great style and attitude….

If the child has a name which could be same for both sexes then the child goes through an identity crisis..

If the name is old fashioned or a traditional one then it becomes a source of great entertainment in the class…

Some names are identified with a race,religion or ethnic group against which there is prejudice(My name is Khan)

Whereas names which begin with A are mostly found to be at the begining of an attendance register and they also perform well in academics.

Certain names of Gods are said to be very fortunate and contribute to the success of that individual.

As a teacher I have always been fascinated by names,and have always asked the meanings if I come across any unusual names.

Unconsciously I try to correlate the qualities of the child with the name and am genuinely surprised.

Knowing and calling each student by his or her name has always been my way of establishing a genuine bond with the child.

Of course every observation can have an exception…

So what’s in a name????

I guess a name is a brand of the individual and should be packaged to be the best.

3 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. If Shahrukh was Osama n vice a versa people would have prefer baby name Osama.So surely nothing in name unless its something absurd like kallu or Dhondu 😀 nice1


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