Men of Steel

Men of Steel
……. haseena

Some are made leaders…
Some become leaders….
Some are born leaders….

Within a span of two weeks,I had the misfortune to hear the sad news of the demise of two great Men who were born leaders.

They were Men of steel,in the real sense of the word.

One under whom I studied….
Another under whom I worked…
Both towering personalities who had a great impact ,whose ever lives they touched.

Mr Sanjeeva Rao, the Headmaster of Ordnance Factory High School,Chanda, Maharashtra.

The man who played a very significant role in the life of every child who went through that school.

He is most remembered for the strict discipline which was inculcated during his tenure,in a defence colony during the period of exams he used to take rounds on his bicycle and children used to stick to their books out of terror .

Wow what a rare breed, we truly consider ourselves fortunate to have been moulded by such people of Character and Principles, who didnt consider their job only as a job but a passion to bring a change beyond the walls of a school.

Shri SriSailam, the Principal and Correspondent a of Takshashila Junior College, Mahabubnagar.

Where I worked for three years , he was a most charming personality, always a smile on his face ,but a strict disciplinarian at the same time.

In the present times of commercialisation of education , here was a man who was known for his passion for teaching .

He pursued it till the very end, he literally breathed his last on a dias after addressing a gathering of school children.

Such Men whose lives are examples of exemplary service,
Beyond anything personal,
A passion for their work is what made all the difference.

A difference in building a strong society of similiar individuals and there lies the meaning of their existence which we must emulate.

Doing that extra bit,
Not for money,
Not for promotions,
Not for the boss,
Not for any other reason.

Except to fulfil the need to satisfy ourselves,
To give a meaning to our own lives,
By touching others’ lives in whatever way we can.

Then the mission is truly accomplished….
The purpose of our existance is truly fulfilled….

Such lives do not end with bodily existence….
But manifest themselves in the innumerable lives ….
Who carry forward a legacy….
Of Passion,
Of Dedication,
Of Commitment,
Of Change,
Towards Society…
And service to Mankind.

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