On Apologies

It is very important to inculcate the habit of apologising in kids from a tender age.

An age when children are not aware of what is right and what is wrong , the family plays a crucial role in moulding the right character.

In their innocence children end up in fights, it is then the mother instead of supporting her child must make the little kid to accept the mistake and apologise.

These little gestures are ingrained in the child and take deep roots in their nature which influence their adult relationships.

On the contrary if a mom supports and defends her kid, the kid develops an ego which fosters an arrogant behaviour leading to problems later on in marital life as well.

A few years ago during an interview with Simi Garewal, Suzanne Khan confessed how Hrithik Roshan never ever apologised and every time it was she who made up after the fights.

It was my daughter who pointed out this to me saying that how could this go on in a marital relationship which must last a lifetime. Afterall one is only human and cannot be forgiving all the time. An exception to this rule is only a MOM.And it is not surprising to see them apart today.

The very act of repentance is enough to resolve the greatest issues….

Is it so important,
To say sorry?
Yes it is….

Knowingly or Unknowingly,
Jokingly or Seriously,
In jest or fury,
A slip of the tongue,
Causes damage,
It hurts,
The feelings,
Of the ones,
Whom we love,
The most.

When one word,
Can cement,
A relationship,
Dissolve differences,
Solve untold miseries,
Bring a smile,
To the faces we care,
Then why is it ,
So tough to ,
Utter the healing,

Bid Goodbye,
To Your Ego,
Accept your slip,
Just say it,
With your heart,
And your behaviour.

The smile on the face,
You love is worth,
A million apologies.

(C)Haseena Dudekula 2017

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