I hate birthdays…

They make me feel older and sadder.

The day reminds me of all the people who crossed my path with whom I shared a bit of my life.

And what the heck yaar…

I miss them all,
I miss my younger self,
I miss my past…

Good Lord its been fifty birthdays…
I just cant believe that…

Returning from a school reunion just a week ago feeling completely like a teenager on a school trip and here I am facing 50 within a week…Gosh!

The only option left is to take it in my stride and have a blast ,and thats exactly what I did this time…

Travelled 400 kms to be with mom and dad on my special day.

It is only a mom who can make you feel really really special on your birthday and I wanted to bask in that love and sunshine and be treated like a princess again.

But one thing is for sure…
a birthday is not like any other,whether you like it or not, you will be greeted , remembered by the people who really care for you, who take a moment to type out special messages for you, from all stages of life,from different corners of the world, past and present and that special feeling begins to seep into the psyche…yes it makes you feel loved and that is the greatest high…

Well on turning fifty,
I feel younger, carefree, empowered and in complete control of my life.

As I look back,
I have absolutely no regrets about anything,
I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey so far,
I have been blessed all the way with great co travellers.
I have conquered my dreams, and have set new goals for myself.

On turning fifty,
I look forward to a life of more fun and adventure.
To a more active healthy lifestyle,to take up greater challenges and to test the limits of my capabilities.

As I turn fifty,
I wear my age with grace and pride…
I attempt to write my name on the sands of time,
Knowing very well the tides of time will wash it away…
Let my name last at least for a few moments
till a wave claims it…

Cheers to dear zindagi…
I just love you and
I cant have enough of you…

(C) Haseena Dudekula

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