On Gifts and Gifting

  • The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the way to a woman’s heart
    is through gifts

Gifts are small tokens of love, to express the depth of feelings one has for another.

The “Diary Milk ” tag line  “for someone you love”….is simply perfect.

I love gifts and the whole process of gifting…

I spend a lot of time and efforts to buy gifts for near and dear ones.

It is a moment of great satisfaction  to see the look of pleasure on the face you love so much….when the gift is
unwrapped and that moment is worth it.

The other day , my daughter said,” Mom why don’t you give me gifts more often,
why does it have to be my birthday to get a gift”.

Well she did have a point and
I tucked it away for future reference. Today when I went shopping I spotted
something and got it gift wrapped and surprised her with it. She was thrilled to bits and very happy for the pleasant intervention  in her stress filled preparatory days for her final exams, it really felt good at having made her day.

Well gifting is an art by itself…it has two parts…the actual purchase of a suitable gift and the second and more difficult part is the gifting .

I enjoy the planning, researching and finally shopping for the gift. To buy a perfect gift one must know the preferences ,hobbies,likes and dislikes of the person which is possible in an intimate relationship and thereby hunt for the perfect gift.

For casual gifting ..it is best to go for aesthetic objects or utility items which could either be displayed or utilised.

Gifting is something I enjoy a lot but the vice versa is a bit different.I for one am very embarrassed and just cant handle the moment when am being gifted. It puzzles me no end as to why anybody would bother to give me a gift, and I end up fumbling and mumbling.

Very late in life I learnt that gifts must be accepted graciously , and the more expressive we are the more pleasure we give to the person who gifts.

It was a great pleasure to see one of my friends accepting my gift  graciously and showing enthusiasm to  open it in my presence, that added to the pleasure of giving him the gift leaving me with the feeling that the gift would be valued for ever.

Sometimes giving gifts can be  tough like this gift which I bought for a friend to show my appreciation for her immense efforts but I have been unable to and it has been sitting on my shelf for a long period… the moment has passed and the gift can be misunderstood for something else if gifted now.

I have found it a herculean task to convince my parents to accept gifts from me….once I get the gifts for them I undergo a lot of labour pains to actually deliver them and brace myself for a series of lectures from my mom…

For that matter my hubby dearest too… who has a long list of pre conditions…if he gets an inkling of my intentions…


A gift is a gift…

……never too small or too big.

It is said that the more you give , the more you attract and receive in multiples….

Behind every gift is a loving thought and that is more important than the gift itself…

4 thoughts on “On Gifts and Gifting

  1. Great thoughts Haseena….made me think about Gifting..
    I also feel that in these days of material excesses… Some time spent with our near and dear ones , particularly elderly people would be an invaluable gift…😊

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  2. Yeah giving a gift to someone definitely requires lots of effort and it feels much better if the receiver appreciates it 🙂 Although some people do not appreciate these efforts Well written Haseena. It can be ignored topic to write about but you have come up with this topic & written it nicely 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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